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On-Grid Inverter 10kW, Deye

On-Grid Inverter 10kW, Deye

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- Approved by Elektrilevi in accordance with dirictives 2014/35/EU and 2014/30/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council
- 2 MPP trackers, Max. efficiency up to 98.3%
- Zero export application, VSG application 
- String intelligent monitoring (optional)
- Wide output voltage range 
- Anti-PID function (Optional)

Input Side
Max. DC Input Power (kW)
Max. DC Input Voltage (V) 1000
Start-up DC Input Voltage (V) 140
MPPT Operating Range (V) 120-850
Max. DC Input Current (A) 12.5+12.5
Number of MPPT / Strings per MPPT 2/1
Output Side
Rated Output Power (kW)
Max. Active Power (kW) 11
Rated AC Grid Voltage (V) 230 / 400
AC Grid Voltage Range (V) 277Vac~460Vac (this may vary with grid standards)
Rated Grid Frequency (Hz) 50 / 60 (Optional)
Operating Phase Three phase
Rated AC Grid Output Current (A) 14.5
Max. AC Output Current (A) 15.9
Output Power Factor 0.8 leading to 0.8 lagging
Grid Current THD <2%
DC Injection Current (mA)
Grid Frequency Range 47~52 or 57~62 (Optional)
Max. Efficiency 98.3%
Euro Efficiency
MPPT Efficiency >99%
DC Reverse-Polarity Protection Yes
AC Short Circuit Protection Yes
AC Output Overcurrent Protection Yes
Output Overvoltage Protection Yes
Insulation Resistance Protection Yes
Ground Fault Monitoring Yes
Anti-islanding Protection Yes
Temperature Protection Yes
Integrated DC Switch Yes
Remote software upload Yes
Remote change of operating parameters Yes
Surge protection DC Type II / AC Type II
General Data
Size (mm)
Weight (kg) 15
Topology Transformerless
Internal Consumption <1W (Night)
Running Temperature  -25~65°C
Ingress Protection
Noise Emission (Typical) <25 dB
Cooling Concept Natural cooling
Max. Operating Altitude Without Derating  2000m
Designed Lifetime  >20 years
Grid Connection Standard  EN50549, IEC61727, VDE 0126-1-1, IEC62109-1-2
Operating Surroundings Humidity  0-100%
Safety EMC / Standard IEC62109-1/-2, EN61000-6-1, EN61000-6-3
DC Connection
MC-4 mateable
AC Connection IP65 rated plug
Display LCD1602
Interface RS485/RS232/Wifi/LAN
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